Emily Hope is an American artist living just outside DC and a transplant from the hills of Northern Virginia.  She has been in love with making art since she was a tiny child, obsessed with pastels and patterns.  

Her work is defined by the organic- almost topographical use of defined boundaries.   The feel of familiar shapes and rich colors may draw you to bustling Dupont Circle; within the tearing storm of fine linen, cuff links, and the perilously political elite. The architectural silhouettes give way to warm, open spaces, as if a cosmic scene of a nebulae in some far away place.

She takes her inspiration from the contrast that is life in the city.  There are the visuals of politically powerful institutions and law enforcers controlling the flow of movement, contrasted against the everyday chaos of the swelling crowds, rushing traffic, and countless other individual decisions that together can create a whirling disorder. 

Her recent works play on the tension between the control of shapes and boundaries, and the chaos of spilling color.  This direction allows her to work through and express her personal feelings on the chaos of life pushing against the control of self imposed restraints; routines, and imposed boundaries to individuality.

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